Patricia, who got Patty´s Pottery, have her workshop at home only 15km from where I live. She´s been a customer of mine for many years. First time she bought something from me, she lived in France.

She´s been back in Denmark for six years now and a year ago, we suddenly met at a insta-meet up in the town ´Silkeborg´, I lived in then (30km from here). We we´re over 50 creative women. Patricia and I sat at the same table, not knowing of the other. But when the nametags came on everyone, Patricia did big eyes and adressed me. We´ve been in contact ever since, me wanting to visit her in her workshop for sure!

It took about a year and me moving even closer, and probably time were just right, who knows - I visited her. Her door has been open ever since and I´m welcome to just pop by and play with clay.

If I had not gone the painter way, I would have loved doing, what she does. Well, that´s been a belief of mine - then playing with clay and watching what it takes to be a potter, I´ve discovered, my patience and skills are just right with ´my thing´; drawing some and painting most. We laughed about that discovery and I love, to have crossed that idea slash dream out of my mind. Almost confirming even more, what I already do fits me, my patience and skills.

So I love the opportunity not only to pop in and out of Patriacia´s creative space, but also her space. She´s a woman who got a lot to share and are more than kind with her contagious laughter. Three hours disappears like it was less than an hour in her workshop, and company.

Yes, 1st things first and sometimes it´s playing with clay in between ´my thing´ at home, being in my workspace, painting - that, which I do best.

Do you have any inspiration for a word, words, short sentences to my obvious clay-sign-thingy, then write me a note on instagram @mattie.dk or e-mail me at mattie@mattie.dk

Thank you a lot! Lots of love <3 Mattie.

Go and check out @patyspottery on instagram!


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