First Merkaba birthed by the sea


All my paintings, both merkaba and the others, I write on the back: place and ´date of birth´ + my signature. Funny how things aligns. I brought all four merkabas with me on a four day trip by the sea. The fourth and last merkaba I had not yet written anything on the back and that turned out to have its very own meaning.

We went into the city nearby for a stroll and I bought some markers, that I use when painting. I was in need of them at home. Then in the evening, a sudden urge took over and had me adding hundreds of dots to the fourth merkaba.

Dot dot dot dot dot dot dot - it feels very meditative actually - well and so I realised, I now had a first merkaba birthed by the sea! On the back it says ´Vejers Strand´ 260521 (Vejers = name of place. Strand = beach). The other three are birthed at home, in the woods; Vindum Skov (Vindum = name of place. Skov = forest), as all of them are so far, except this one.

In this very moment, sitting and writing this, I realise, it was the only merkaba of them all, when having them with me on the beach, that I found similarities between it and the seashells laying around. It really touch my heart, deeply, now sitting with this sense of...insight..

Merkaba by the sea

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