Masters, Angels, Guides? Babaji?

I’m reminded of an Australian clairvoyant, Fransesca, said to me back in 2009: “Wauw, what is it, that what you do!? I’ve never seen anything like it!? The energies in your pictures, your art!?” I had no clue, what she was on about, since at that time, these paintings of mine had not surfaced in my creativity yet. I did some intuitive simple illustrations in a size A5, with some channeled messages and words for people. Could it be it?
Fransesca answered: “It might be or it might be it unfolds something more. I see larger pictures though, very colourful, and very vibrant, and I see, they’ll be all over the place - in the world. People will notice the change of energies in their homes, when having your art hanging there. It’s absolutely marvellous! Wauw! You definitely don’t do it all alone. You are so well supported. I see Masters, Angels, Guides lined up for working through you. Amazing! You know of Babaji?”. No I had no clue of ‘Babaji’? She suggested I googled him.
I was sitting there with big eyes, not believing my own ears - I had no sense whatsoever of what she talked about. I actually more experienced my creativity were somehow ceasing, so you can imagine my surprise. I had asked for a session to see, what might come up on my future work path, now that my inner artist seemed more or less uninspired. Let’s put it that way. I still can see Fransesca’s face all brigthen up, while she saw my ‘futureart’ and its energies at play.
I now and then send her a thought, thinking; Is this what I do now, what she saw and meant? - and wishing I knew where she lives, so I could send her a piece.

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