´Mystical Gateway´


I remembered taking photos of paintingproces of painting NO.080521  - what you think?

Here is some of the inspiration coming in from comments on post made on instagram:

  • I keep hearing ‘divine feminine’ as I look at your beautiful painting. Unconditional love and beauty, bliss and happiness also comes to mind. It’s got a very supportive and comforting feeling.
  • Yoni; Sacred portal to the Divine; Mystical Gateway is what came to me.
  • Womb
  • Gateway to womb (womb healing)
Mystical gateway

I had several input coming too:

  • Sacred Feminine / Divine Feminine
  • In The Spirit of Love
  • Divine Mother

Words and inspiration shared can widen up ones perception, that´s why I love receiving others input to it too. And that being said, it´s the energy download while painting and a little before and some time after, that really makes the difference...or the shift of...perception...consciousness...words can´t describe. 

Yoni, womb, mystical gateway

No matter mine and others experience of and inspiration to my artwork, always stick to your own perception of it - and with it. It works in mysterious ways, different from one and another, just how it is supposed to do.

For your peace, love & harmony <3 Mattie.


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