The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

I have a beloved fellowtraveler in my life, she turns 81 this summer. We´ve known each other for over twenty years. Since she was a child, she has been clearsighted and have natural healing abilities. At night she´s being taught healing ways to bring in her sessions. Well, she connects instantly with the energies in my paintings and ave had several of them hanging in her session room. 

When the merkaba´s manifested, I suggested creating one for her session room. As always, she found delight in the idea. I invited her home with me, for joining the first step in painting process: to colour the background. She decided the colours and was 100% sure of blue - only blue. We painted together, in silence. 

It´s not often I remember taking photo´s of paintingproces, but here I did. As it manifested, I heard ´Heaven on Earth´ and received other information, all something to share with her, when painting was up and hanging in her session room.


The first time she saw it, was after I had hung it up in her session room. I went into her livingroom for inviting her in to see it. She took my hand and said "We shall walk in together". So we did and the first thing she says, when seeing the painting is: "The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth". She sat down in front of it and I´ve never seen her face so calm and eyes so present and yet beyond. "I´ve always been there - in the kingdom of heaven", she said and continued "and now it is here too, on earth..". 

We held each others hands. Sat silently for a while. I shared some of my experience with it. She recognised it all. We sat in a space of peace, love and harmony - for sure. And so it still is, that room, her session room. It almost feel like a little sacred cathedral, when entering and she loves, just sitting in there. 

This photo is from my studio just before I left, for bringing it home to her.


Next time I visit her, I would love taking a photo of her and painting together, and share it with you. They are really a match made in heaven. And when that is said, we both are very clear about, that we´ve downloaded ´something´, not just for us, but if someone feels a calling to buy it, then it will be a blessing to sell it and allow its further.

For purchase you can contact me by e-mail or you can buy it directly from here

Lots of love and inspiration for your heart and soul <3 Take care, Mattie.

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