Tribe of 99 - Worldwide!

I love thinking of my limited edition art prints, each printed in edition of only 99, that we´re a tribe of 99. Not only in Denmark, but worldwide. Just think, we´re 99 souls - only 99 - that have this piece of art print, every single one I´ve had in my hand, numbering and signing them.  

It was a dream coming true to me in 2020. At the end of year 2019, I made a note to myself, that I would love the experience of having created limited edition prints of some of my original artwork.

From my first contact to printing company, they pointed me in direction of a local art photographer. I did some research on costs and knew of the amount of money, I would have to save up. So far so good.

In the beginning of 2019, my beloved came into my life and he did not only think it was a good idea, he wanted to be a part of it - so he borrowed me the money. 

We collected the five paintings. Long and exciting story short - it all went so well and we both have loved the experience with it. Now I love experiencing people buying them, sending them off packed with love and receiving a message, how they´ve arrived so well, and people loving them.

I also love giving away some of them for free, like to one of subscribers of my newsletter or via a give away on facebook. It´s importen to play with it too and this is one of my ways with it.

There still some left! You can be one of the 99 in my limited edition tribe - go see if there´s one or more you like, go to my art print gallery click here

Lots of Love & Light! <3 Mattie

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