NEW ART PRINT has finally arrived!

IT HAS ARRIVED! Finally and it is looking SO good. I had not received any test print on it, so today was my first time seeing result. It is perfect! 

I call it ´King of Merkaba´, not as in merkaba in general, but as in my merkabas, you know. It was the first one I´ve ever created and the first painting I did this year. Gosh, it really has a special place in my heart. 

The frame also arrived today, so aligned - bought a wooden one in a warm yummie brown nuance. What you think?

I got 100 printed and will add my signature to each one of them. I´ve decided not to have it as a limited edition, so it will not be numbered as limited edition are. 

The feel of signing each personally and not having my signature printed with it, well to me, that makes a difference. That personal touch, I love adding that to it.

My art prints are available here

Always for the love of it <3 Mattie.

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