He had come to realise, how alive it was.

The art photographer had a shift in his perception of this painting, while having it for photoshoot.


After receiving the first photos, I wrote him back, that some features seemed vanished and a depth were missing.

Bless his soul, he really wanted to see, what I saw and wanted to keep painting a little longer, to see how he could angle it.

A few days later I received an e-mail from him, where he shared, painting was now placed in his office and during last couple of days, he had come to realise, how alive it was - all depending on the (day)light coming in from window.

He had to use another setting of lights + setup and was sure, that would do it. I, at no point, have had any doubt in him. By his sharing, I knew, he now had got it or; it had gotten to him.

Here is something he wrote in an e-mail to me:

"Especially your paintings are fun to work with, because you use a technique that changes the expression of the painting, when the light that hits the painting changes. It's super cool - it stays alive and you should hang your paintings where the light changes character during the day from dimmed cool light to sparkling direct sunlight. Think about this a lot when you exhibit your pictures - choose the right light - your paintings deserve it."

.  .  .  .  .

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This first ´Merkaba´ painting of mine ever - where all the others have followed - will not be printed as limited edition.

BUT as with limited edition prints, each will be signed personally by me.


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