The Deep Seas of Your Soul

Maleriet er 60x80cm., malet med akryl- og spraymaling, og glimmer.

Pludselig opstod der noget derinde midt i kuplen, hvad var det - en hval, en delfin? Så dukkede en video op på instagram med en haj, kunne det være en haj!? Googlede på den symbolske betydning for haj og teksten var prikken over i´et for mig:

"The shark is asking us to tune into our senses, tune into our intuition, tune into our emotions and what our body is telling us. Trust these ways of knowing to help you navigate the deep seas of your soul."

Derfor har jeg skrevet den sætning til maleriet, og bag på maleriet.

Er det en delfin for dig, måske en hval?

På google fandt jeg den symbolske betydning for en:


"The dolphin spirit animal is a powerful totem for when you feel you need some extra help and guidance in your life. If you don’t have all of the answers, know there is help. Meditate or pray and simply ask."

"Dolphins represent rebirth. Seeing dolphin symbols on objects during quiet moments means you're about to have a life-changing shift in thinking. You may be on the cusp of a personal renaissance."


"Among Native Americans, Whales are considered the guardian of oceans and sea travel. Nearly all coastal tribes have some type of symbolic meanings for Whale Totems and Spirit Animals. Whale symbolism includeswisdom, spiritual awareness, good luck and long lasting loveas the Whale mates for life."

Kilde: google ´dolphin spiritual symbolic meaning` eller ´Whale spiritual symbolic meaning´ og se hvilke tekster der dukker op og å på opdagelse!