Maleriet er 100x150cm., malet med akrylmaling.

Da maleriet stod færdigt, fik jeg ordet ´Nyskabelse´ til det, hvilket er notere bagpå. Blev inspireret til at google nyskabelse på engelsk (innovation) i kombination med spiritual og en super inspirerende tekst ´The spiritual nature of innovation´ dukkede op, læs med klik hér

The Spiritual Nature of Innovation

Innovation is found in the infinite. New ideas are possible and will continue to be possible precisely because there is an infinite Creator, God. Nature reflects this in a myriad of ways — from the cosmic reality that we are literally never in the same place twice, to the atomic structures of everything we see. And, God is spirit.

Innovation, then, becomes an act of moving into God — moving into the infinite: asking what is possible! We move into God, whether we name it or not, when we ask the best questions or dream of exploring the impossible.

Creativity is theological; theology is creative.

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