Maleriet er 60x80cm, malet med akrylmaling, og glimmer.

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Sjælens tilsynekomst. En engel lander. 

Ud fra maleriets ´fødselsdato´ har jeg fundet tarot kortet i følge tarot numerologi: Bægrenes knægt, og i Osho zen tarot kortene er det ´Vandets knægt´, som er; Understanding.

Udpluk af teksten til kortet:

You are out of jail, out of the cage; you can open your wings and the whole sky is yours. All the stars and the moon and the sun belong to you. You can disappear into the blueness of the beyond....Just drop clinging to this cage, move out of the cage and the whole sky is yours. Open your wings and fly across the sun like an eagle. In the inner sky, in the inner world, freedom is the highest value - everything else is secondary, even blissfulness, ecstasy. There are thousands of flowers, uncountable, but they all become possible in the climate of freedom.